Ethic, the ‘Lamba lolo’ sensation have u suffered a great dip in their music career. The group have had all their songs deleted from YouTube. This is after another a scuffle with their manager Teleh Mani.

Teleh Mani moved to court to have action taken against the group. This is because the group failed to pay him his dues which he claims is not the first time

This is the second time that Teleh is having problems with the group having been their manager since their first hit Lamba Lolo.


Teleh claims to have helped form the group. He says he urged them to work as a group for them to be successful.

Ethic and their manager seem to never agree. Ethic had to apologize to their manager the first time thus ensured they worked on more events like performing at the ‘Katika festival’.

It seems like this time Teleh Mani is taking no more of what the group does. The court order he took bars Ethic from performing their songs at any concert or function until the case is finalized.