Remember that pic that drove team mafisi crazy when it went viral weeks ago?

The pic was of  Miss Siaya and Miss Nyamira visiting ‘hot’  Langata women prison inmates.

If you thought that these hot lasses are behind bars for shoplifting beauty products then you will be shocked to know that one of them serving a life sentence for murder.

The two models Miss Nyamira and Miss Siaya reported to Shaffie Weru that indeed the Langata Prison was full of hot ladies.

Last year a lady by the name Kamanda Wanjiru from Buruburu broke headlines after she stabbed her Lover 22 times killing him on the spot.

Kenyans have finally put two and two together and figured out one of the inmates(on the extreme left) and Kamanda are the same person

Here is a photo of Wanjiru and the boyfriend she stabbed to death..then refer to other pic further below

wanjiru killermiss siaya langata