Prolific Photographer, Joe Makeni of Frontline Photography is one man who is experiencing pain and sorrow at its peak this valentines season. As his wife was delivering their bundle of Joy this Valentine’s season, little did Joe know that the only presence of his beautiful wife he would have this Valentines would be pictures of his other half.





Makeni’s wife, Njeri Riitho, was pregnant but was sadly diagnosed with hypocalcemia (the presence of low serum calcium levels in the blood), after she was unable to walk and move any of her limbs. Joe exhibited his undying Love for his spouse by standing by her side even to the last second of her demise.

They lost their baby during delivery which was heartbreaking for the pair. The ailing wife was distraught by her loss but Makeni was there to console her and stand by her side.

The talented photographer even took time to apply some makeup on his ailing wife, with the help of some friends. Njeri was very positive, bubbly, hopeful and always having a smile on her face despite the gruesome pain she experienced.

Makeni revealed that he had decided to take the photos so that he would share them with her when she recovered and got out of the hospital, but this was not meant to be as she was soon to die.




Njeri smiles even in her last moments

The touching story was shared by the talented photographer so as to encourage those who have been through the same experience and show people that it’s good to appreciate loved ones when we have them as no one knows about tomorrow.



If this is not Love, then I don’t know what is as this exemplifies Love that neither knows no bounds nor conditional. RIP Njeri Riitho.


  By: John Kago .W.