It has become increasingly harder to keep up with our glamorous outfits knowing that someone has nowhere to go. Its frustrating yes, but do we really have an option? Anyway, welcome to home-cation outfits that will let you look stylish for the fam! After that, you can take a trip to the dining room.


When styled the right way, leggings hold more power than simply being one of your pajamas to rock while going to bed. Simply pair your leggings with a nice top to continue your journey of looking amazing without a sweat. You also continue to enjoy a perfect and relaxed day with this outfit.

Jacket Vest

A vest is a fall staple and ideal for chilly temperatures. With an entire day locked indoors, you’ll probably need a sweater to keep warm but not make you feel too hot. This is where these vests come in to keep you comfortable in the comfort of your home.

Closed Shoes

You might not be going anywhere but that doesn’t mean you stop showing off your nice pair of shoes. Get them out and rock those boots and sports shoes as you head to your nearby shops or just strolling within the estate. The few people you bump into should still see the stylish kid in the block you always are.

Light Scarf

If there’s one wardrobe essential you should always have at hand is a fine scarf. Pick any color you want and have it on when you feel a little cold. If you fail to use it during the day, you’ll use it at night as a headscarf. Now, it’s a win-win situation.


Oversized Tops And Sweaters

Oversized tops and sweaters will never go out of style. They are super comfortable to put on during this homestay period. Once you have one on, you require minimal effort to know what to pair it with as it fits with almost everything.