It’s no secret that long distance relationships don’t really work. It has been a trend since Facebook made the world much smaller. Long distance relationships are difficult to maintain and there are many reasons why they never end up at the happily ever after stage.


If you’re wondering why they don’t work, here are some of the reasons:

1. It’s not a real relationship. Long distance relationships are just fabrications of real relationships because they only exist online. If you guys met online, it doesn’t help either. That relationship has a definite end.

2. Words lose meaning after sometime. Words without action mean nothing; nowadays, nobody texts ‘lol’ while actually laughing out loud. Most people make up for physical interaction with words, but words can’t accurately portray what you feel. You can send each other long texts that resemble a romance novel, but they won’t make up for your absence. Even the words ‘I love you’ lose meaning eventually.

3. You lose touch with reality. A pal of mine stopped Skyping for two days and that brought her world crashing down. She used to do pretty much everything with her guy; dinner, breakfast, lunch; pillow talks and even wake up to each other but on their laptops via Skype. It’s crazy that she spent all her time online and lost touch with the reality that was her family and friends. A reality check would be a horrible experience for such a person.

4. You become miserable. Some chicks end up crying out of the blues because they are lonely, yet they are in a relationship with someone. They then lie to themselves and feign false hope that it’s going to work. Neither a video call nor your laptop screen can replace the warmth of their touch; thus leading to misery. Misery has no place in a relationship.

5. Different expectations. Time passes and things change in both your lives; the distance doesn’t make things easier either. The change brings about different expectations and expressing it to someone non physically makes things harder. Additionally, relationships with different expectations have low chances of survival; close to zero

long distance 2

Some of you reading this may be in long distance relationship, and I’d like to clarify; it’s not certain that they never work; some may work. They just require careful navigation from the people involved in the relationship, as well a lot of trust. If you’re willing to do that then chances are that they will work out.