The debate whether the age of consensual defilement be reduced from eighteen years to sixteen is on.

The amendment to the Sexual Offences Act is tucked inside the The Statue Law (Miscellaneous Amendment Bill) 2016.

If the amendments see the light of day, teenagers as young as 16 years will be allowed to have consensual sex.

Rights campaigners are up in arms against the amendment, but the Federation of Women Lawyers chairperson Josephine Mong’are has been quoted saying the amendment seeks to protect the boy child.

“The boy child has become the unintended victim of the Sexual Offences Act. A lot of teenagers are in relationships without their parents knowledge,” she said as quoted by the Star.

If the girl’s mother does not like the fact that you have a boyfriend, they go to the police station and claim rape or defilement,” Monga’re added.


The controversial bill has already been tabled in Parliament for the first reading, and is now under the departmental committee on Justice and Legal Affairs for consideration who will then report to the house.

Kenyans have until 27th December to offer their views on the matter.

What do y’all think of this new law?

Source: The Star