Kylie Jenner confirmed that she is a mom after she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.No one saw it coming but she has always wanted to be a mom!!This is so unheard of especially from a young teen as her.In your teenage years being pregnant is a thing that everyone dreads mostly because of our parent’s reaction.However there are a couple of lessons we could learn from Kylie’s pregnancy which are:

1.Get pregnant when you’re ready.

Most of the teens get pregnant and become victims of circumstances which brings up a lot of issues and one ends up stretching their limits in order to sustain the young one.Kylie was so ready for this and was even proud to show it to the world a clear indication that she was ready for it.

2. A supportive family is important.

Pregnancy is a time that one requires a lot of encouragement,guidance and even emotional support.Without this the journey could be really a long one without someone to hold your hand and give you hope.Kylie’s mom said that she couldn’t wait to teach Kylie’s baby life lessons.This is so amazing and really encouraging and would lead to having a healthy pregnancy.

3.Money is a key factor

Kylie is only 20 and travels using private jets.She has her money right and is ready to bring up her child.A child is a great responsibility and without good money sustaining it becomes very hard.This is because it needs meals,good clothing education and even recreation.Kylie is already up for this and she will definitely give her child a great life.

4.Cravings are most likely to occur

During pregnancy an unusual love for a certain type of food is most likely to occur.This results to an increased want and a pregnant lady could do anything just to get the type of food they’re craving for.Kylie was always craving for fries and burger during her pregnancy.Cravings could be gross but you can’t do nothing about it.

5.Get pregnant with someone who you are in love with.

Love can be complex but it is really important.Don’t get pregnant with someone if ya’ll not in love.Pregnancy is a phase that could be emotional and one might need their partner more than often.If you’re not in love then even creating time for yourselves becomes a major issue.Kylie and Travis scott have always and still are in love with one another up to this moment.A lesson that extends to even the men that ladies need you during this critical time.

6.Have friends who show you love.

Friends are so important in one’s life this is because they always root for you even at your weakest.Kylie’s friends even organized a very warm baby shower.Who wouldn’t want this at any point?i guess nobody.The lavish baby shower left Kylie feeling all good and loved.Ensure you have great friends who will always wish you the best and even offer friendly advise during such times.

Kylie is now a mom and we just can’t wait to see how the kid will be brought up by the young parents.

For the ladies this is a must read and for the gents kindly spread the word to the female figures in your lives.