Politics aside, H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta is a model person. Looking at the way he runs this country, there is a lot to be said for the man. He has a close network of family and friends always by his side. Here are some lessons on friendship that we can emulate from out President;

• LESSON 1: Attract loyalty from dependable people
Uhuru and Friend RutoForm a coalition with people who are firm and steadfast, people who will defend you and talk for you just like Uhuru’s allies went on a cordinated media charm offensive with a united message. Get friends you can count on. These friends will be there to protect and support you. Remember these people form your pillars, they correct, guide and help you grow. Parents can also be friends-as shocking as that sounds.

• LESSON 2: Give your friends a chance to support you
uhuru_military8Uhuru made his moves known to his friends. He made his “personal challenge” public instead of being ashamed of it and his friends in Kenya and beyond showed up in droves to support him. Your true friends are eager and willing to be there for you if only you let them. Don’t keep your personal challenge a secret, share it with your friends and they will come to your aid.

• LESSON 3: Show that you trust people
trustRuto was trusted with the Presidency, albeit for just a few hours, Lawyer Kay was trusted to speak on his behalf in the courtroom; these acts of trust have drawn people closer to Uhuru. When you show people you trust them you win them over, you appear as the bigger person. It is not all about macho show. Say you are the best at Math in your class, or the School Captain, do not show off. Help others and even share your knowledge with them. You never know, they may also teach you stuff you didn’t know. If people feel they can trust you, you will have an awesome network not easily broken.

• LESSON 4: Learn the power of a strong handshake
uhuru handshakePerhaps one of the biggest Presidential body language Uhuru has displayed is the giving of a powerful handshake. He is the one who initiates a handshake. You may not be the President but learn to give strong handshakes, it shows you are confident, in control and ready to take charge. If you are greeting a person older than you remember to place your left arm over your right forearm as you shake. Respectful, but strong too.

By Muthoni Wachira