Hyvon-NgetichSuccess is very important when it comes to achieving a certain goals, and it depends on one’s ability to get to their ultimate goal. When someone sets a goal towards changing their attitude about something, it is very easy to back down due to not believing in yourself or lacking support from the people around you.
In sports, the key to becoming a successful sports personality, is determined by how you train, the hours you train and the body discipline to keeping it fit. If you think running is more of imagining a lion chasing you or taking drugs to become super alert then you are terribly wrong about the idea of being an athlete. It takes more than training to get a gold medal. The word is DETERMINATION.
If Usain Bolt wasn’t determined to break his own record then he wouldn’t have became top of his game. Log in to the internet and watch his training session, omg, you would think its total torture but it’s not, it’s what he does to set the mark on the track.

We also have our very own sports personalities who give it their all to be top off their game. For example Hyvon Ngetich, a Kenyan athlete who finished third at the 2015 Austin marathon. She fell 50 meters from the finishing line and crawled on her knees as paramedics followed behind with wheelchair. She refused to get on the wheelchair because of the determination she had. I must admit I was to see her finish third even after crawling for victory, determination my friends is what she had as never lost hope.
Another inspiring story is for a Tanzanian athlete John Stephen Ahkwari who fell and hurt his knee during the 1968 Olympics marathon which was held in Mexico, even after his fall he still got up and limbed all the way to the finishing line. People were surprised of how he was determined to finish the race, it was unbelievable. When he was interviewed about the incredible finish he said my country didn’t send me 5000 miles to start the race, they sent me to 5000 miles to finish the race.
These are the people in the history of sport who will be remembered for their remarkable heroism to finish the race not because of money or fame but because of the determination they had towards their success.
Now before you give up doing anything you want to achieve thinking about the shame, just kidding think about why you held on so long, it would be a pity if you stopped doing what’s right all you need is determination.

By Janiana Wangari

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