Some girls are so overbearing that should they notice their boyfriends looking at another woman in passing, it is cause for a major fight. Let’s face, we women like to have a look too, be it another woman’s boobs, or a sexy hunk! Come to think of it, we may be worse than the men cause we check out all the sexes!!

Question is, how far are you willing to let your man slide for having the wandering eye? Honestly, I love beauty. My boyfriend and I have fun checking out other women. During a lunch date, we can go to a restaurant in town that has a balcony to see the people in the streets. This works for us cause we can look without being shy or worrying about the people we talking about hearing us. I wouldn’t call it spying; it’s more like imaginative fun.

cheaterI discovered this made our dates more fun, we would make fun of, ogle at, and even create our own make believe world. We got closer. We never approached any of the people we thought were gorgeous, I would NEVER let another woman close to my man, but we indulge in the world we created for ourselves.

My friend however lets her man go out with, even entertain other chiqs. Would you let your man sleep with other gals to stop him leaving you? She claims she has no choice. Admittedly she has been hurt too many times in former relationships. From them cheating on her, to comparing her to other women, she has had the brute force.

cheatingShe met her current boyfriend while still in an unsatisfactory relationship with another guy. She was so infatuated with him, she was all starry eyed even talking about him. She admits that she would do anything for this guy to stay; including allowing him to ‘cheat’ on her. They have been dating a while now, and she has seen him with several other women in that time.

She says the first time she realized he had cheated on her, of course she was hurt, but she still ‘loved’ him. She confronted him, not to end the relationship, but to let him know that she knew about his wandering nature. She explained to him that he was free to ‘play the field’. In uni is when most people experiment and find their rooting and purpose in life. She told him that her only condition was that he has to get tested for all sorts of STDs every month and they would go together. Although am not sure how this works, it is good that she is taking charge of her health. She also NEVER has sex without a condom.

cheatMost guys think that they have the ‘right’ to have sex with whoever they liked. Some say they are not married, and as such not obliged to remain with one woman. Some use the college excuse of all the relations they have are ‘experimentation’. Even worse, some likened choosing chiqs to sleep with to browsing at a supermarket.

My pal feels that she can no longer afford to be choosy, which is a little sad. But because of her ‘open-mindedness’, she seems happier. She has returned to my happy, crazy, outgoing childhood pal. She is even doing better in school and is planning for her masters after graduation next year.

How far would you go to keep your lover?

By Zahra