There have been raging debates on whether December 27 is, rather should be a public holiday. The debates were sparked by Section 4 of Public Holidays Act 2011 which According to the Kenyan constitution, there are three national holidays under section 9 which are Mashujaa Day(20thOctober),Madaraka Day(June 1st) and Jamhuri Day(December 12).The National holidays are also listed by Cap 229 of the Regulation of Wages and Conditions of Employment Act, which also lists other 7 holidays namely New Year’s Day ,Christmas Day, Good Friday ,Easter Monday and Boxing Day.

There has always been a debate about there being a holiday after Boxing day.Well, the debates have finally been squashed by Kenya’s Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaisery, who declared December 27 a holiday in a gazette notice today .This means that Kenyans will now have an extra day to make merry and celebrate as they wait for the New Year.

27th December will just be a bonus that Kenyans will get to have thanks to work of nature.