Everything in this world is a work of art. Even numbers are artistic. The creatures of the world have intricate shapes and figures. All the patterns and shapes we develop can be found in nature. Nature and the natural world are as powerful as they are artistic.Color

The way you speak, the words you use, the way you dress, the colours you pick, the way you sit, the everything of yours…all is art. Art is a form of self-expression. It is limitless, just like our imagination. Anything we can cook up in our brain is a work of art.

If you ask me, I think the greatest master piece is the human body; in its natural raw form. The way it develops, the way it moves, even in the way it grows old and dies. The human body can achieve so much. It is all in the way we train it. Like an artist treats their canvas before painting on it, we also mould our bodies into whatever we want.Body Types

The human body is the ultimate art work. We dress it every day, we put make up on it, we adorn in in different ornaments, we even at times add and remove colour from it. The beauty of this canvas is that we all have one. We pick and choose how to present it to the world. What we can do with our bodies is somewhat limitless. It does not matter what body type or shape you have, all can do so much.

We all have dream bodies, even the person you admire, they also have some other person they admire. Like artists, we are often inspired by others. There are some occasions however when the inspiration just comes from within. There are lots of tips and messages and such all over. Tips on how to get your dream body; often meaning how to become a skinny girl and a buff boy.Fashion

I am considered a skinny girl myself, but my dream body is that of an hour glass lady, with fundamentals. I want tips on that. So what I do with my skinny frame is adorn and dress it in such a way to create the illusion of curves. I get clothes that are tight on the waist and a little open/wide on the hips and burst. Horizontal strips are my awesomest trick. The eyes will perceive me as wider than I really am. I love my frame though, don’t get me wrong. Just that I know how to make it work for me. My best friend has my dream body, but she does not like her hips neither her putt bum. She prefers to have a frame like mine. She wants to be ‘straight’ so she adorns herself to portray this.

We humans are the most interesting creatures I have ever met. We are never quite satisfied. We always want more. And when we get that more, we wish for less. The beauty of life is that we can achieve all we desire so long as we put in the effort and make all the right decisions and choices.Paint

Your life, is your canvas, you can paint on it whatever you decide. The brush strokes are the choices you make, and the colours the emotions you portray.

By Rhoda Sarah