The ability of a parent is supporting their children’s ABILITY.I would regret stopping you from what you love to do. And I wouldn’t be better than my father who kept me away from MUSIC that was my destiny. At 4000 YouTube views in a day means the world is ready to know what your are doing or what you are about to do. Hate a child you are hating innocence. Let my positive friends enjoy the works of a young man-
You might not need another Mayanja- but talent is what we deal in!!!!!!

Like father like son, that’s what they say. Well, this is true in Uganda legend’s family. The singer’s son Abba Marcus is causing ripples in the music scene. The kid who launched his career more than two years ago has been headlining shows. When he launched his career, Marcus had the full support of his dad who took to social media and announce the news.


Internationally, we’ve been seeing kids take after their celebrity parents, e.g. Will Smith and Jaden Smith with Willow. These kids have had their parents’ support all along. When Marcus launched his career, his dad too took to facebook and confess his support for the boy.