You might have seen this young lass who’s only 9, Lil Tay on Instagram and wondered who the hell she is. Well, Lil Tay is the youngest flexer on the gram who broke the internet with her flashy cars, bundles of cash and her ‘potty mouth.’ Her Instagram and YouTube will make you feel poor AF! She does not  hesitate to remind you that you cannot afford sh** in her captions.

Her 2.1 million followers and well, the internet at large have decided to give her the attention she is looking for.

So, how did she get to here anyways? According to Hollywood life, Lil Tay was born out of a social media culture that can’t get enough of fast cars, glittering excess and unlimited use of sweet, sweet emojis. That is not all, this might shock you, but according to an interview she did on Good Morning America, Lil Tay dropped out of Havard! Yes, Havard! She now homeschools. The Instagram sensation said she went to Hollywood from Canada to pursue her career of being a social media star. She also mentioned that she can swim, skate and play the piano

(Oh, and just in case you are wondering how she drives around the flashy cars with no license, her mother claims that she is always supervising.)

The young star’s seemingly fancy life is as fancy as it looks like. Child stardom is nothing new but Lil Tay’s act has received backlash online. Her act that involves cursing and pretending to use drugs has raised alarm about good parenting. She however tells Good Morning America that all her stunts are all her ideas. Snoop Dogg even came out to attack her elder brother of coaching her to live that way.

So how well or badly will this end? We will just have to stay tuned and watch this youngster.