“Let’s be just be honest… let’s just be real!”

Yeah. I know what y’all are doing… humming to this track by Dejloaf. Ha ha! But wait, let’s just be honest, let’s just be real, Utumishi Boys Academy (UBA) had the biggest open tournament in Nakuru.

The action packed event had schools from different regions flocking in to show who was who at the ball games, and off course Tha Teeniez Voice had to grace and cover this event.

Now guys, UBA is guarded by military since ideally it’s inside a military territory. How cool is that again? But anyway, enough about the security and all… lets now dive into what really went down here. The activities started in good time as the invited schools were there in good time.

We had the coolest Teeniez MC hyping this event; – Thee Okumba.  We also had the biggest DJ in Nakuru, Deejay A Happy on the 1s and 2s… Games went down quite competitively as teams battled to emerge top in their space. Slam Jam was pretty competitive as Road King Boys emerged the basketball boys’ winners and Nakuru Girls, beating Utumishi and Woodard respectively. As a way to relieve and cool off the steam, our DJ was playing music all round and this is where the dance battles began.

Koelel and UBA were battling to show who the king of the dance floor was. This was pretty competitive and mixed with emotions when Koelel started winning against the host, UBA. Emotions really sparked and we here thinking maybe UBA and Koelel are beefing within (you know what, that some really cool scoop for another day; – “UBA & KOELEL BEFING WITHIN?” we’re yet to find out.)

But UBA eventually emerged and scooped the crown of the kings of the dance battle in Nakuru, followed closely by Koelel and Nakuru High. We are definitely keeping tabs on all these schools and events to see how it all goes down.

By Okumba Okumba