Like many of the world’s famous rappers, Dave Burd, the man behind Lil Dicky, is more of a character than an actual person. He was a sensation ever since his mixtape days, and has worked with dozens of famous artists and released several popular songs and videos. There are some interesting facts about him that you need to check out.

He never wanted to be a rapper

He stated in his interview that he started rapping to get attention to his comedy so he could write movies, TV shows and animations. This was clear of how little his interest in rapping was from the beginning.

Has a comedy Show

It seems like Burd had to make his dream come true and take off on his dream of having two careers he both enjoys. His show airs on FX and Hulu. It’s a fictionalized comedy version that is deeply loved and considered “super funny” by his fans.

The Lucky Fund

Being a lucky newly-minted Jewish teen, Dave got lots of cash from his Bar Mitzvah when he turned 13. However, his parents never allowed him to have a cent of any of that money until he was 23 years old. Smart enough, he decided to use it to make music and videos.

It runs in the blood


He also has a brother who is a comedy rapper like him, Phatdik. However, unlike Dave, his presence has not yet been felt. Lucky for him, he has Dave to follow on his footsteps or at least get some inspiration from.


Graduated from business school and became an accountant  

After graduating from business school, Burd got a job to work in advertising. He started as an accountant which he dubbed as a boring job. After deciding to distribute his quarterly status as a rap, he got promoted to work with the creative team in the ad agency. So talent does pay off.