You are always thinking about what is the most extraordinary thing that you will do to your man to make him think of you daily.

Well you’ll be awed by the amazing thing a lady did for her long distance boyfriend !!

Long distance can mean two things.

Either you are literally very far from each other the extent of you not meeting frequently. Or simply .. the couple doesn’t meet as often ..due to work and other circumstances.

She lives in Minnesota while her boyfriend lives in Canada.

Well just to make you see how intense this distance is …

That is a whooping 545 miles !! Not the usual 50 km people like me complain about .. I know i’m not in this alone ..


When she went over to visit him over New Year she hid a briefcase in his house .

Several days later she texted him to tell him how she missed seeing him daily.. and told him to go check under his side table ..

He found a foreign briefcase..and very mysterious ….



Well … tell me if you saw such a briefcase in your house ..what would you think it has? …

From a normal African’s perspective..i’d first think it had juju in it .

.. I know i’m not alone ! haha!

When Tyson opened it … he felt tears sting his eyes…



The briefcase was full of cute little sealed envelopes .. I don’t know what was inside them ..

But I’m betting that it was something amazing !


Ladies and gentlemen,what do you think of this 🙂

He will never forget her matter the distance …

You are allowed to steal some ideas for your lover