5s vs note 3

There are many first world battles in this life; a few years back, it was ‘Team Jacob vs Team Edward’ and for the past 3 years it has been ‘Team Messi vs Team Ronaldo’. But one battle that does not show any signs of simmering down is the battle of iOS stans vs the android lovers. Android lovers defend their love for the platform for the wide range of services offered years ahead of those offered by Apple, but Matt Johnson from the Business Insider does not give a hoot about what android offers; at least not anymore, after switching from an iPhone 5 to a Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

So bad was the experience that Matt dubbed the move a disaster. BGR reports that Matt dubbed Android a ‘hot mess.’  “It doesn’t seem to have native support for anything. My Spotify app doesn’t seamlessly work within Android’s confines, which make quickly stopping and starting music a pain.” he explains.

Thought it was over? Here are some of his other main issues:

  • The interface is clunky
  • The apps are an ‘utter disaster’; seemingly less slick than ALL iOS apps
  • ‘You have to wait months before getting a software update, if you ever get one. (Damn! How true is that though?)

Do you agree with Matt’s woes? Which team are you rallying behind; good ol powerful Android or the seemingly ever classy Apple?