lonely-black-womanFor all of the singles, love-seeking individuals out there, welcome 2015 with open arms because the New Year brings new opportunities!
Whether you’ve made a resolution to find love, knowing that most new year’s resolutions never go anywhere, or, you’ve declared your intention to find love – here are four tips you should keep in mind in order to easily find love in 2015.

1. Connect with more people

Quantity is part of producing quality. Want to meet a great dude? A great chiq? Start by asking: What would I need to change in order to meet 10 new people every month? Sometimes increasing quantity increases quality by default, but also remember to try and connect with people genuinely. The rest will follow.

2. Listen to your gut

If a decision (or indecision) makes your stomach turn over with fear that you might regret it later, it’s probably because you will.
I’m not talking about that sudden tingling feeling of nerves when you’re about to do something scary – that’s usually a sign that it’s going to be good for you. Is it a phone call? A tough conversation? A text? Do it now. You’ll feel instantly better. Share and make decisions that will bring you a sense of peace.

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3. Saying “NO” is the easiest route to contentment

Saying “NO” saves your day.
It stops you spending precious energy on fruitless projects, or being tied up with those friends you secretly hate but only spend time with out of some misplaced sense of obligation.
Saying “NO” is the easiest way of purchasing your own freedom.
Saying YES to opportunities is great and will take you far, but saying NO guards the most precious resource you own: your time and even your heart. Don’t be afraid to say “no” sometimes.

4. don’t just love your partner, learn what makes them feel loved

Not everyone feels love in the same way.
Some people need to hear the right words. Others need physical touch and affection. Others need evidence of your investment and loyalty.
If you are in a relationship, the best thing you can do for it is realise that not everyone receives love in the same way. Resolve to make your partner feel loved, instead of just thinking that telling them is enough.

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