First, I love the internet. I feel like it is my one and only true love. I adorn the fact that I can be an ultimate genius with just one Google or Wikipedia search. Plus I get to keep in touch with the entire universe through social media.

The internet has however been subjugated into negativity through twitter trolls, porn, cyber stalking and even cyber bullying which begs the question of “online dating”. Apparently Social media has provided a platform for people to cyber date.

Blow KissSo many are the creeps I have met through this online dating and I just had to write about it. I am not saying it is wrong to make new friends on social media but everything always comes with a price. High has been the number of cases gone wrong due to online dating

Before you embark on this journey of online dating always remember that
1. People will always lie. It is common human nature for us to try to fit in, even if it means lying in the process. Making us believe something that they are not. The internet makes it so much easier for people to lie, cause you can’t see them. There are also live games that allow people to take on a whole fantasy virtual persona.

2. Be Secretive: Be very careful with the personal content you give out. Most people aren’t really who they say they are, so beware of giving out extremely personal details that may affect you or your family in future or that which may contradict your identity.

online-dating3. Mind your language: Watch what you say and what you send out. I am referring to statements you make that may come off as suggestive, or even those ratchet pics you send to impress your “online lover”. For they might be used in future to cyber bully you or taint your public image.

4. Ensure Security: If ever you decide to meet this person, please do it in a public place. Tell a friend, your youth pastor, your parents or even a relative. I would also advice you to ask a friend to tag along on the date just to be certain of your security. You should never put yourself at risk just cause of the desire to try out what your peers have tried before you. Always remember that fear is a matter of choice. But Danger is very real.

internet-dating2To all those with social media accounts, please be extra careful with what you post or expose for the world to see. That information will always be used as reference even if you erase it from your page. What you post shows the kind of person you are, and that is how the world will always perceive you.

Even if you think I am not Online, I am here though I may post nothing; I will keep on scrolling and Judging!!!!!!

By YoungJugglers