Bensoul just released his new song ‘Lucy’ and it is driving the internet crazy. The song that has an old school reggae beat has sparked the scene to show that reggae is unstoppable.

Bensoul also known as Benson Mutua is a jack of all trades in the entertainment industry. Bensoul is a producer, an artist, a song writer and not forgetting a multi instrumentalist. How does one manage all this as one person? Bensoul attributes all this to his love for music. He states that all his life has just been to develop music and grow in the trade.

Bensoul started his music career back in high school. A meek young man in Kagumo High School, Bensoul grew his talent in very many ways. He was the lead singer in their school choir. Bensoul led the choir to the nationals of which he brags without apologies. Being a silent boy back in the days, one would wonder how he would ever get to command such a great crowd. It took time to develop the confidence, music classes and a great music teacher back in high school played quite a big role.

Bensoul dived into the music industry with a bang. He started out by composing songs for artists in the Kenyan and across the boarders. Some of the artists he has composed songs for are the likes of Kidum, Alikiba, Benpol and many more.


The artist has made some really great strides in the music industry. Bensoul is the first artist to be signed by Sol Generation Records. Sol Generation records is a record label established by the popular music group Sauti Sol. Sol Generation records man aim is to bring a different vibe in the Kenyan music industry.

Now onto the new song ‘Lucy’.Lucy is a song that speaks about relationships in today’s society. Bensoul in the song states that he is in love with a woman. The woman is in love with another man. Bensoul states that he cannot entertain a love triangle. In today’s society people find themselves in love triangles with multiple partners. Bensoul’s new song has elicited some really positive reactions from fans due to its positive message.

One of the biggest moments in Bensoul’s career is his performance with Jamaican artist Chronixx. He claims it was one of the greatest moments in his music career.

Bensoul assures his fans of more music hits in the year 2019.