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Lulu modelling

1 FM’s Lulu Saidi, famously known as Lulu, gives Zahra of The Insyder a sneak peek into her personal life. This former Bomerian (BP House) student is a gorgeous, petite lady. Many know Lulu as this fun-loving and rather loud lady. True to that, Lulu was one of the biggest noisemakers from primo thru to Uni. She has served many punishments because of her noise making ‘abilities’. Fortunately, this ‘talent’ managed landed her in One FM, where she gets paid to… you guessed it, to make noise. “The lesson here is, stay true to yourself and things will always work out!” Lulu explained.

In the noise making session we had, here are 10 things Lulu shared with us;

  1. I love doing mental sums. I calculate my change mentally at the supermarket before the cashier It thrills me.
  2. My idea of chilling is – good food, good music and great company. I am also a great cook!
  3. Am the 1st born in a family of 4 children
  4. I am a model and I love colour
  5. Am passionate about the youth and development. I enjoy getting solutions for things thus started an organization that gives the youth to a platform to discuss issues that affect them
  6. I love reggae and dancing. Bob Marley is just the best. My favourite Bob Marley song is ‘Redemption Song’.

    One FMs Lulu Family 876 x 560
    Lulu after her graduation from USIU, celebrating with her siblings and parents
  7. I have a degree in International Relations from USIU
  8. I climbed the great-wall of China when I was 17. It was a dream come true for me
  9. I speak French, a bit of Chinese and Arabic.
  10. I write a blog called “le café” it’s about what a young waitress who learns about love and life. I love history, storytelling and reading.

By Zahra