Phiona Mutesi used to forage for food in the impoverished slums of Kampala. Last night she attended a Disney movie premiere about her life in the Ugandan capital.

What happened in between is that Mutesi became a chess champion and the resulting film Queen of Katwe is a real-life tale of triumph over adversity.

“It was so emotional to see the the film” 20 year old Mutesi said at the event.

The film, which had its global premiere at last month’s Toronto Film Festival, tells the story of Mutesi, who escaped her life as a vegetable hawker when she revealed, at the age of nine, a remarkable talent for chess at an outreach programme in a poverty-stricken Kampala slum of Katwe.

Queen of Katwe is a tale of resilience, learning and strong women who overcome the odds.

Lupita Nyong’o plays Mutesi’s mother Harriet, a widow trying to do the best for her children amid relentless hardship.


There was a special moment at the movie premiere too. Raila OdInga took time out of his busy CORD duties to join Lupita at the event

Check out the special moment below