• Ma3Racer: Android Game
  • Developers: Planet Ruckus


Ma3Racer is a one of a kind game that challenges the player to handle the highly congested and ever busy streets of Nairobi while racing in a matatu of their choice.

The driver has to collect and drop off passengers, beat time and traffic as well as showcase some serious driving skills in order to gain more points. Collecting coins and gold bags located in strategic parts in the game also assist in giving more points. The struggle to find these gold bags however will have you glued to your phone screen like a game addict.


Racing in a public service vehicle has never been this much fun and harmless at the same time but you best be careful or you just might get addicted. Available on Google Play: Ma3 Racer and with over one million downloads globally this is a game definitely worth checking out. Have fun playing.

By Kevin Kibera