133 pupils and 7 teachers all travelling in a 41-seater bus.

A video of the shocking ordeal of seeing the students alighting the bus took the media by storm.

The children were heading for an Agricultural Show in Machakos.

The driver of the bus had insisted that he only has 60 people aboard the bus.

NTSA officials who were not convinced,asked the students to alight one at a time to do a headcount.

On the video,one can hear that more than 100people alight the bus.

Some children being so young that they can’t alight without support.

“The driver of the matatu was arrested by the traffic officers and is expected to be arraigned in court, while the license of the vehicle has been suspended and the Umowa Sacco is supposed to explain why the incident occurred,”

This is a great threat to the lives of the students on the road.

More caution should therefore be practiced.