Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli is known for his hard stand on many matters. He began his reign by doing everything right and even being the model example to all with #WhatwouldMagufulido being a popular hashtag whenever our president did something controversial. He was seen as the embodiment of wisdom but today, the very people who praised him are on his neck. Reason? Sentiments he made about schoolgirls who get pregnant.

Yesterday, Magufuli said that those schoolgirls who would conceive while in school (primary or high school) would not be allowed to continue their studies as this would encourage other girls to do the same. This has however not gone down well with most tweeps as they feel Magufuli is too harsh. Besides, he said that the man who is responsible for the pregnancy will also be jailed for thirty years (even if it’s a classmate?)

“Kwa sababu mchezo huo ni mzuri!! Na kila mmoja angependa aucheze!” he insisted. Already the hashtag #StopMagufuli is trending.

Here are some of the reactions of KoT towards these sentiments;