Hey, 14th of February is here and as has always been tradition, love will be in the air. This day people want to appreciate their loved ones and they do so by buying them gifts, taking them out for dinner and such. So, what if you take this opportunity and make money? You don’t know how to do it? Well, here.

1. Sell flowers.

Flowers are by far the best-selling products this day. I know you don’t have flower garden but look, you can liaise with a florist, buy flowers in bulk, package them properly and begin selling them. In business we take risks, and in this, we know flowers are perishable. So, begin this a day to the D-day, but advertise your services in advance.


 2. Chocolate and other foodies.

Chocolate is the most eaten foodie on 14th of February. You can come up with a strategy of packing the chocolates in an enticing and romantic way, then display them when the day comes. Do it in the malls, along the busy highways. You can have romantic messages on the chocolate bars that people will kill to have them at any price.


 3. Love cards.

We live in an era where messages are passed via emoji and short texts via the phone. However, people miss the physical messages that can’t be deleted, and are public for everyone to see. Take that advantege, buy numerous blank cards and spend a few coins to print love messages on them. Have romantic images too, like those of a couple kissing, Cinderella, Cupid and a red heart. Then the messages should be creatively lit such that the buyer will feel it’s worth their money.

4. Throw a singles party.

Not everyone has a loved one on this day. Some have broken up and miss the feeling, some have never and are looking forward to, but they lack someone. Now, si you can team up with your boys/girls and look for a spacious venue where you can throw a singles party. For sure, you will host very many singles who will want to come and hook up, besides getting a treat on Valentine’s day. You can have some entrance fee, and of course some drinks, foods and some other things will be bought, there, you have made some bucks.