This African babe is exceptionally beautiful : she has her curves flawless and is always popping and men cannot hold the electricity she brings on stage , no wonder the guy that grabbed her ass got a hot slap that taught him the lesson his mother must have forgotten.Women need and must get their respect , eeeei! This jolts the number uno reason why Vicky is the real deal in the African music industry.


Victoria is an epitome of beauty , she is the hot sauce that makes your jaws drop. This really makes her fans look forward to see her perform. She does not have a problem of pulling together a large crowd because she does not disappoint when it comes to her fashion. She always has her curves right and for those who do not know her , they easily confuse her with Nicky Minaj. She is African’s finest barbie doll ,  akineng’ua kiuno tunabaki vinywa wazi.

Victoria Kimani looking delish


Vicky is really on a roll with her music. She has definitely colonised the Nigerian music market and is on her toes to get hold of the Kenyan music industry with her music. Incase you missed the news when it was fresh from the oven, Victoria is coming to Kenya to poison us with some China love. With this boss move, she will not only diversify her market but also make her music more relevant. Need I say that the African music industry is female?

Victoria Kimani set to tour Kenya


Victoria Kimani never disappoints when it comes to performance. Her concert performance always makes one look forward to attending another one of her concerts. When she hits that stage and shakes what her mummy gave her, she leaves her fans not only entertained but also they appreciate her music. When Victoria hits that stage, she owns it and performs everytime like it is her last time on stage.

Victoria Kimani

This babe is not your ordinary chiq she is on a whole new level.Are you ready for her bomb tour?