‘I was bombarded by the sight when I found my help breastfeeding my baby.’

Once again, a house help caught doing a strange act.

These cases of strange house helps who assault and do weird stuff to children are on the increase.

A corporal in Mombasa was the latest victim of this gruesome act.

She got home only to find her 4-month old baby engrossed in suckling the nanny.

When the help saw her employer she quickly placed the baby on the seat and stood up in shock.

She then claimed that it was not her intention when she was questioned.

That is super weird and scary at the same time.

The police officer called her neighbor who came and helped question the house-help.

A statement was recorded at the Changamwe Police Station by the employer.

“The house help is still in my house as we wait for tests to be done on her and my baby to determine any risks,” she said.

The help who was recommended by family members hails from Mumias had worked for 5 months for the police officer ,who says that she’s never had a problem with her, she works well and gets all her duties done.

We hope the best for the baby!