Twitter recently collected and mapped all the followers of Premier League teams on its social media platform, showing which teams, and where, are most popular throughout the world via this interactive tool:

Where does each @premierleague club find its supporters? This map shows you where you’ll find followers for every Premier League club, with some coming from areas that are thousands of miles away.

Choose your club from above and zoom into country/area to see where their support is strongest. You can also compare it to a rival club, or see which club is most followed in any area.

When you’re checking out your team, you can click the Tweet button above to share a link to that specific map.

Kenya Results

It came as no surprise that the #1 EPL club on Twitter is Arsenal. The Gunners have a following of 30.81% followed closely by Manchester United with 22.5% and Chelsea with 17.03%

If only Arsenal could deliver the EPL title the way they deliver fans in Kenya, and around the world.