The Principal of Maseno High School Mr. Paul Otula has been sent on compulsory 30-day suspension by the Teachers’ Service Commission for allegedly failing to contain bullying in the school. This comes barely a month after another principal resigned over the same allegations. However, the allegations facing the principal are not only failing to contain bullying but also sexual molestation in the school, which makes the case worse. According to one Daily Newspaper, the TSC wrote a letter to the principal despite the Ministry of Education conducting investigations earlier and concluding that the sexual molestation claims were not true. It also adds that TSC has already appointed his replacement at the school, the principal for Homa Bay High School Mr. Andrew Buop.

Earlier today students and parents went on rampage after the news of the teacher’s interdiction broke out. They were protesting against the move by TSC. The school’s Parents Teachers’ Association has warned Otula’s replacement Mr. Buop not to set foot in that school.

Early this year, a form one student was reportedly sodomised and critically injured by fellow senior students in a bullying incident at Maseno School. The victim’s mother took to social media to express her plight. It isn’t the first case, as the administration is believed to have dealt with such cases in the past. Last August, four students were expelled after they were found engaging in homosexual activities. Early this month, Otula was given a warning letter from the TSC, in a crackdown on headteachers condoning bullying in their schools. He had been asked to state why he thought action should not be taken against him, since the school had not informed the allegedly sodomised student’s mother about the incident, but kept him in the sanatorium for a week.

While the past one year saw a number of students sent home for unrest, one cannot help but wonder what this year has in store for our principals.