Form 3

The week has kicked off on a high note as students head back to school, however that wont be the case for form 3 student, Brian Nyaga who sustained injuries after being assaulted by a police officer. The incident comes to light as the government struggles to enforce the covid-19 containment measures amongst the public members and especially students who are heading back to school this week.

The 17 year old form 3 student was relaxing at the beach in Nyali when the police officer spotted him not wearing a mask. He tried to flee from the officer but fell down and was beaten up by an AK-47 riffle. The victim, Brian Nyaga narrates that when he saw the police officer who was on a Boda Boda at the time, he started running away but fell down and that’s when the law enforcer alighted from the motorbike, walked up to him and started beating him up with his gun. “He came directly to me after I fell down and he started beating me up. I told him to forgive me because there was nothing I had done,” Brian Nyaga stated.

The assault led to the form student’s hospitalization that ended up in surgery because his legs were seriously injured. “Even the doctor says it will take time before he can walk again. I do not even know when he will go back to school. I had prepared him to go back to school but he will not,” stated his dejected mother, Ann Mumbi.


The body in charge of police oversight. Independent Oversight Authority (IPOA) has publicly come out to declare that they will launch investigations into the incident that has left the young boy almost paralyzed.

The ministry of education has promised to release funds to help in the purchase of masks for those students who cannot afford masks.