Most people associate matatu touts with being uncouth and rowdy. It is rare when you meet one who has the decency to even give you a greeting.

A certain matatu conductor has wowedone  Kenyans after a video of him praying for commuters emerged online.

His name is Duncan , and his route is 33. He usually takes time before embarking on any journey to pray for his passenger every morning.

A screenshot of Duncan while preaching to passengers in a matatu. PHOTO | COURTESY

In a 3 minute video clip shared by a commuter, Dancun who is clad in Embassava Sacco uniform is seen urging commuters to put God first in everything they do

I normally remember God each and every time sababu najua isipokuwa ni yeye singekuwa mahali nilipo asubuhi ya leo,na singekuwa pia nah ii kazi.Hii kazi unajua inakuwa na changamoto mingi sana na tunaifanya tu kwa neema na mungu akikuongoza hakuna mahali huwezi fanyia kazi sababu

A part of what he says in the clip

In a time where the country is filled with so much uncertainty and bitterness due to political climates, we definitely need more people like Duncan. We need to seek God more as a nation.