Some nganya owners are not taking any chance when it comes to their rides, they will do whatever it takes to stay on top of their game. The mathree culture is very competitive and you have to invest. And there is a particular matatu owner who has no problem when it comes to spending money.

The name is Mack Bully, and it is surely a befitting name because it will definitely bully all those other plain looking nganyas out of the road. The nganya was pimped for a whooping Sh9 million,

One of the crew member spoke about the newly refurbished nganga

Rongai is one of the areas where mathree competition is very tough, thus investors must spend. We have been rated as Ronga 1 because we got exclusive features, including silver exhausts at the side of the mat, seats filled with expensive LED screens for all passengers and an appealing exterior design only linked to Mack trucks hence the name

Check out pictures of the beautiful work of art below

Source: SDE