Dr. Matiang’i seems to be approaching the exam cheating issue with an iron fist, but will it really work?

In his latest outrage about the matter, he has now stated that during the whole of November he will be booked from visiting examination centers personally and ensuring supervisors are doing their work.

“I will be at the exam centers myself, working with the supervisors. Principal Secretaries and directors from the ministry, and I will work together to ensure we deliver credible results this time,”

he said.

“All of us, including myself, will be on duty from November 7 to 30, supervising exams,” he told students, parents and teachers at the Kenya High School in Nairobi during the annual speech and prize giving day.

Dr. Matiang’i’s stop gap measures will not suffice. The government needs to get to the root of the problem. The entire education system in Kenya needs an overhaul. From the way teachers teach, to what they teach and most importantly how examinations are administered.