It is not new for the super rich to make unexpected and at times controversial investments that leave everyone asking, who is their financial advisor? From Kanye’s previous botched clothing line that everyone termed as ‘future slave gear’ to the very badly criticized ‘Wiz Khalifa’s weed farm’ investment. Mayweather’s latest investment venture though, has received great applause from the public, especially the gamers’ society. The last time boxing fans experienced a decent video game, dates way back in 2011 with the ‘Fight Night Champion’ which was actually the last major boxing game.

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Speaking to TMZ Sports during his 41st birthday, Mayweather said, “I’m working on my video game as we speak.” This got everyone making the perfect guess that he turned down EA Sports offer to be part of the new Fight Night. He even joked saying, “There’s a difference between chattering a jet and owning a jet, we own jets remember haha…” Ok so he wants to own his own video game. That’s not a big deal anyway because he has the money to do it.

Although its cool, it leaves me wondering, is he gonna try and copy FIFA by incorporating his life journey? Will he bring in dope features like career mode or global challenges? Anyway, he only hinted at making a game therefore, we can’t really predict much. We don’t even know if it will make it to PS4 or XBOX but we can’t wait to experience something new from Mayweather. This guy never ceases to surprise us! I wonder if he will really stay in retirement.

Source: TMZ Sports

By Emmanuel Otieno