In this new age and era, social media has become a powerful tool which has propelled many to glory and has also downgraded others. So you can never underestimate its power. An audio of a young meru girl saying “Mbingijii imekulwa na ndogi has been trending for some time now with many having made memes out of it. Many have also interpreted it to mean kunyanduliwa, especially during the Kairetu-Jaccuzi saga.

Then came Ochungulo family who dropped a hit song which was motivated by the young girl’s accent and the mbingijii imekulwa na ndogi can clearly be heard in the background. The hit song has already garnered more than 500k views on Youtube.

Although the young girl was not featured in the video, Ochungulo family made efforts to trace her. The young girl can now smile all the way to the classroom since Ochungulo family has offered to pay for her school fees for a period of two years.

That’s just how powerful social media or going viral can be.

With these recent trends, can we now conclude that social media has become a means to fame and good fortune?  

This incident happens shortly after Stivo Simple Boy garnered fame for his Vijanaa tuache mihadarati song. If it wasn’t for social media, we wouldn’t have considered the message in his song as extraordinary. The funny and unique way he expressed his sentiments caught the attention of Kenyans and hence made it go viral. And because of that, Simple Boy became the talk of the town. 

This then begs the question. Should musicians in the industry, count on talent or wait upon luck to make good returns and garner fame? How sure can we be that the young mbingijii lady will not decide on a music career due to the fame she has garnered? Doesn’t she already have a powerful platform? A platform on which her music career can thrive?

Or should talented musicians just sit, hoping and praying that someday their antics will go viral and that payday will come?   


In one of Nadia Mukami’s song Si rahisi, the talented musician goes ahead to describe the woes which she went through before she broke into fame. The lyrics in the song clearly tell that it’s not a walk in the park for some musicians; Wengine wavume bila talanta kwenye picha tako wamekamatwa jina tupu walishalipata; jee huu ni ungwana?

But the thing is, aren’t Kenyans the ones who play a role in making content go viral? Who else shares these memes and videos if not you and me? 

We all have a role to play in selecting what becomes famous or viral and we should be careful to promote content that’s good and beneficial. Something to think about.

Over to you mbingijii lady. Ni wakati wa kula vitabu sasa!