MDQ at the launch


Just weeks after releasing her new album SHE which was all about female redemption in Africa, she now makes history in the continent once again with a virtual reality music video. In the chilly Friday evening, Muthoni the Drummer Queen released Kenya’s first ever virtual reality music video. The project that has been on work for over two months now was a masterpiece to behold. In collaboration with UK’s leading virtual reality artist Wilkinson (circa 69), who’s recent virtual reality collection “Whilst The Rest Were Sleeping” just enjoyed a 20 nation world tour across six nations, they brought this ambient music project to our motherland Kenya.

A fan enjoying the VR


In an evolving world of the millennial generation, MDQ is proving that she is indeed the trendsetter for all the other artists in the country. She is going way beyond the industry’s expectations. This latest move to bring out her songs in a virtual reality experience has really received great appraisal from the fans leave alone the masters of Kenyan history. It wasn’t just a normal Friday but a remarkable day when history was made in the entire country.

MDQ and Circa 69

Muthoni just changed the way we consume entertainment especially music by making it more appealing and realistic than ever before. You can simply feel the intensity and quality of music that MDQ brings to her audience through this beautiful creative and interactive virtual reality. The project has received immense support from the British Council’s #East Africa arts program and Swiss beat makers Hook and Shake it Mashine.