It has been quite a field day on Twitter, seeing as two of the most popular rappers on Twitter went at each other, throwing back and forth shots (Meek of course throwing more shots), thus effectively dividing Twitter into two sides, team Meek and team Joe.

It all started when Joe posted this to his podcast,


After which Meek responded with a series of tweets,


And y’all know that Barbie had to come in with her army of followers and back her man up, right?



The drama that ensued thereafter has lasted for hours straight and shows no sign of letting up; Meek had the upper hand, seeing as his explosive ‘Dreams Worth More Than Money’ album just dropped; but check out a tweet by a very angry Joe Budden fan that did plenty of numbers.


Perhaps the most interesting part is how 90% of Twitter is certain that Meek would destroy Joe in a rap battle, but often forget (or maybe just don’t know) that Joe is actually part of hip hop supergroup Slaughterhouse, who are as elite as lyricism goes in this day and age. Perhaps it would be an evenly contested battle, but it’s hard to tell.

What do y’all think of this? Is it all necessary or is it just another case of two rappers who would rather battle behind their keyboards than behind their mics? Provide your thoughts.


Doug L Fresh

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