For a beef he began, Meek should not be held up against the wall like this. I mean, if you are going to accuse somebody of having his raps written for him, one would expect you would have a sick diss track to back up your allegations.


At the very least, you should murder him lyrically, bar for bar. Now, Meek acts gangsta and is admittedly more violent in his rhyming than Drake but with ‘I Wanna Know’, he just fumbled about and barely poked Drake.

Let alone ‘Back to Back’, he did not even scratch Charged Up’s surface and this is just plain disappointing seeing as he had so many strike points to hit Drake from but he preferred to moan over The Undertaker’s theme song and label it a diss track. He references his street beginnings all through the song but this is 2015 Meek, we want lyrics not hood legacies!

Twitter, where it all began, could not forgive such insolence on Meek’s part so they took it out on him: