My youth days are full of eating sprees and yet I want to look  my best and maintain that fit healthy lifestyle. Sounds impossible huh? I have been looking for motivation and it is like an angel dropped a letter on my front door to meet up with Jane Mukami. If you are also looking for fitness motivation around you, worry no more thanks to FitKenyanGirl.

The @FitKenyanGirl  a.k.a Jane Mukami is known for her inspiration through the fitness journey. Her journey started in 2008 when she decided to take charge of her own health. In her teenage years she was obese. This is something that teeniez don’t put so much focus the teenage years one is only interested in having junk and lit times.

The fit kenyan girl has a different approach on this. She says that everything should be done in moderation. The fit kenyan girl is a lady who has learnt to stand for what she believes in. At times it gets hard but one thing that keeps her going is the will and determination.

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She has faced hardships along the way. Every road has it’s bumps. In October use experienced a major setback after her Facebook account was deleted. The Facebook page had over half a million followers. However this did not stop the fit Kenyan girl. Within 48hours she managed to file a petition and successfully her Facebook page was restored.

This was a lesson learnt by the fit kenyan girl as she now had to find a way to get in touch with her followers virtually. This has enabled her business to thrive across borders. Her advise to all of us is that we should focus on what we have a passion for.

Jane is progressing and on 15th January she will be running a programme called TRANSFORM 21 CHALLANGE. The purpose of this challenge is to ensure that everyone embraces fitness. Great news is that there will be goodies for everyone who sticks to the challenge without fail.
Fit Kenyan girl is a dynamic woman as she also has a background in computer technology. This makes it easier for her to manage her online business. Every journey starts with a single step. You can start yours as well. Have the will and determination to achieve more. Keep fit and stay healthy. Health is wealth.

You can get in touch with the fit kenyan girl on:

Facebook ‘fit kenyan girl.’

Twitter @fitkenyangirl.

Instagram @fitkenyngirl

Catch the live Facebook interview here.

Let us eat clean and train dirty!