Photo by Fredrick M. Brown/Getty Images

In an age where Nigerian filmmaking and Nigerian music have been dominant in Africa with regard to the two forms of performing Arts, there is a musician who has successfully fused the two; the man is Falz The Bahd Guy

Falz is a Nigerian Rapper and Actor, known across Africa for the club banger Soft Work.

He also broke boundaries by fusing music and film making in the short film Soldier.

Rare piece of art, huh?

Well, believe it or not, Falz only began experimenting with acting in 2014. “I sort of just stumbled upon it I would make short clips online and they went viral within Nigeria and beyond. The followership then became crazy! Before I knew it, I was getting offers for movie roles, which was great because I was always passionate about movies.”

It’s not for nothing that he raps ‘which musician do you know is having AMVCA’ (Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Award, which he won) in the song ‘Bahd Baddo Baddest’ featuring Olamide and Davido.

Falz is in the country for his Coke Studio project with Joh Makini of Tanzania. “I think the whole idea of it is the blend of different cultures; I’m coming in as a typical Nigerian guy and he’s coming as a typical Tanzanian guy and we’re gonna work on a few collaborations together.” Falz also expressed his desire to learn the Kiswahili language. “I’m gonna be doing a lot of rapping in Swahili, and we’re gonna cover each other’s songs. He has to learn Yoruba and Pidgin too!” Falz added with a smile.

The man also has some of the funniest lyrics across the continent, something which he attributes to life and the people he comes across. “People say things that just spark something in my head. I just try to make every song capture the audience with the humor, and then go on to give them the message of the music after capturing their attention.” He passionately reveals. “I would encourage other artists to do the same because humor is something which appeals to audiences quickly, and there’s no better way to have their attention!”

Falz would love to collaborate with Kenyan musicians. “I haven’t yet met Kenyan musicians while here, but I hope to have the chance to do so. So far I’ve only met Sauti Sol and Victoria Kimani while in Lagos but more collaborations would be really great for the fans”.

Falz closed out the interview with a very strong message for the teenagers, “Education is very important, regardless of what talent you may have. I am a testimony that you can pursue your talent and go to school, I have a law degree and got admitted to the bar as well. I also…”

“Wait, what?” I exclaimed. “You’re a barrister?”

“Yeah! After I got admitted to the bar I practiced Law for about two years before I went into full time music. Now that I got to my certificate I can go back to that anytime I want now. Now that I have done that then you young ones have no excuses. Go to school and at the same time nurture your talents. You’ll be happy you did that.” he finalized with a smile.

Rapper, actor, all round funny man and lawyer; they don’t call him The Bahd Guy for nothing.