Samson the cat has become an internet sensation over the past few weeks after grabbing headlines for being New York City’s and perhaps the world’s largest cat.

Samson weighs a massive 12.7Kg and its news that has brought with it fame to the 4-foot long feline who boasts of over 70,000 followers on Instagram.

The four-year old Maine Coon,which is the largest breed of domesticated cat,is owned by Jonathan Zurbel.

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#CatTips : Humans make great pillows

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The cat was initially purchased by Zurbel’s brother with his then-girlfriend.After the relationship ended,Samson went on to live with Zubrel.

Jonathan Zurbel holding Samson

Its not surprising that Samson even has a groomer,Carolyn Ayala,who maintains his mane 24/7!

Ayala also travels with the celebrity cat to all his television interviews and photoshoots.

And speaking of being famous,Samson receives around 200 pieces of fan mails in a day!

There have even been requests for his sperms which have unfortunately been declined.