Who is the girl behind the amazing voice?

Vanessa Akinyi from Statehouse Girls started singing at a very young age. She got that from her mum. ”  I sing in the choir and also at home when i am doing my chores. So Vanessa used to hear me sing and got interested,” her mum explained at an interview with Vanessa.

Her music grew when she joined high school. “She was very excited to join Statehouse Girls because on top of the good performance, they had a nice choir,” Her mum went on. Even though she did not do music as a subject, that did not stop her from joining music festival.

“My most memorable moment was when we met the first lady at the presidential gala. It was an amazing experience,” Vanessa explained. She could not contain her happiness as she explained her experience and not forgetting the good food.

“My parents have always supported me in every way they can,” Vanessa explains. Vanessa tells those who want to pursue music to follow their dreams and not to give up on it. 

Vanessa is a charismatic soul and very hardworking. We wish her the best!