Fashion blogging is a career that is rapidly growing in Kenya. It is however not an easy pursuit and requires lots of dedication and of course, a unique element that makes one stand out.

Wanjiru Kariuki is the perfect embodiment of fashion blogging with a positive impact for women in society. She seeks to inspire women to not only improve their fashion sense but also gain confidence

I am a firm believer in positive body image. People judge your character from the first impression they get when they set their eyes on you. A strong positive image is the best possible preparation for success. My goal is to inspire women improve their self-image by dressing appropriately for lasting impressions and to boost their confidence. I also intend to do consultations and give talks on personal branding and etiquette.

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Believe it or not, Wanjiru left the vibrant marketing industry to fully pursue her passion for fashion.

I have worked and gained experience in the marketing field for over five years in different companies. I quit my job because I did not feel fulfilled in formal employment despite marketing being an interesting field to work in. I wanted to pursue something more exciting, something that would give me a chance to utilize my abilities and passion to the fullest.

The God fearing wife and mother of one recently launched her website which is where she will be sharing her personal style and inspirations. She will also be sharing great fashion tips and beauty hacks.

Seeing women thrive in different aspects of their lives due to the transformation they experienced after I impacted them. Secondly, living a life of purpose. My worst fear is dying without having fulfilled my purpose on earth and also dying with untapped talents and gifts. My biggest motivation is impacting someone’s life through my talents and abilities.

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