The sweet boy with the pensive look on his face as he writes in a class room has warmed the hearts of many. We Kenyans were absolutely taken by him. Check out some of the memes that have been created below

Meme inspired by Nameless
Meme inspired by Kenyan Security Group
Meme inspired by 50 Cent

Well now the boy has been found.

The boy’s name is Jake. The picture is currently amongst one of the continent’s most famous and widely shared memes and it was taken by Ghanaian artist, Solomon Adufah.


We have been searching frantically for Jake.

The picture of the chubby looking boy, has “given life” to many social media users and the image continues to set tongues wagging on the Internet. The picture has been edited and widely shared on various social media platforms.

Jake is from the village of Asempanaye, Koforidua, in Ghana and the picture was taken by Carlos Cortes, an award winning photographer. Adufah shared the picture on Instagram in January as part of the artist’s ‘homeland series’ where he travels to various communities in Ghana, and other African countries to help underprivileged children in local communities, providing them with resources and teaching creative

We believe he is still a student in the same village, we hope that there will soon be a video interview of Jake- the young boy who is loved by money.