You’re having a great texting conversation with a guy you just met. He’s answering back right away, he’s funny and thoughtful with his responses, the whole nine yards… and then he just bluntly stops responding. Your mind automatically jumps to the worst possible conclusion. Did I say something wrong? Was I too forward? Did I scare him off?

Guys do weird things, and as girls we typically worry about them when we don’t need to. Just because a reaction means one thing in girl code (c’mon, ladies, we all know the silent treatment is deadly), doesn’t necessarily mean a guy feels the same way. We’re revealing the true meanings behind the odd antics that guys are often prone to!

1. He’s quiet when you hang out together

When a guy is quiet around us, we tend to assume it’s because he’s upset. He might be, but chances are he could also just be thinking about other things. Us girls tend to jump to the worst possible conclusion, but in reality it’s likely that his silence has nothing to do with you. Unless something has just happened in your relationship, or you’ve just fought, then he’s probably just thinking about other stuff. It’s actually a good sign when someone is quiet with you, it shows that they are completely comfortable in your presence.

2. His texts are blunt

Us girls like to use text messaging as a form of self-expression. Whether it’s through an emoji or an exclamation point, you always know we’re into the conversation (unless you get the dreaded “K.”) Guys, on the other hand, tend to be much more straightforward. While girls may interpret this as a lack of interest, it’s not necessarily the case.


A lot of the time it’s that guys just aren’t big texters. It can of course indicate a lack of interest, but if your long term boyfriend sends succinct texts, and always has, then it just means he’s not a texter in general. The best way to assess this type of situation is to see how your relationship is in terms of communication.

3. He acts differently when his friends are around


Have you ever been hanging out with a guy and it’s going great, then the next thing you know, his friends show up and he’s a completely different person? For example, he says romantic things to you while you’re one on one, but when his bros enter the scene he’s cold. Hey, give us a heads up next time! The key here is to figure out if it’s a comfort thing. Is it that he’s more or less comfortable around you or his friends? If he’s more comfortable with the latter then being alone with you, there could be a problem. It could be an insecurity thing or it could be that the two of you just don’t fit.

4. He prefers bro time to being with you

If a guy doesn’t want to spend all his free time with you, it can make you feel like he’s not interested in you anymore. Now the question here is whether he wants a balance which is normal for everyone, or if he just doesn’t want to see you, which is obviously an indicator of a bigger problem.


Sometimes relationships can become too intense if you’re spending every waking moment with each other. That’s not fair on anyone, as it’s important to maintain balance in any relationship. When a guy makes an effort to hang out with his friends, it doesn’t always mean he is distancing himself; he might just need some time with the bros.

5. He gets defensive about little things


Have you ever made a small joke or seemingly harmless remark and a guy takes it way out of proportion? Your initial reaction might be to think he has something to hide. However, it depends on the circumstances. This can either mean that you’ve hit a nerve and touched on something that he’s very insecure about, or it can mean he’s hiding something. It tends to be the former. We assume that guys aren’t very insecure creatures, but in reality they can be as unsure of themselves as we are. Talk it out, and soon enough, you’ll find out what his behavior means..