For the next few months we will be receiving showers of blessings. However, is no excuse for guys to dress shabbily. Take advantage of the weather situation to upgrade your closet and look fashionable regardless of your occupation. Aside from the essentials every man needs; , here are some additional fashion elements that you need to top up.


  1. Trench Coats.

beige trench coat

If you don’t have a trench coat, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN WEARING?

Yes, even when there’s no rain, early morning and late evening wind requires you to have something heavy on. The best thing about trenches is that they add a touch of class to your fashion. If it’s hard to get a trench coat, substitute with a denim coat.

2. Umbrella

black umbrella

I always advocate for a neutral masculine color; black. Not unless your want to stand out and look fancy, black is the right way to go. Have a small one that fits into your bag.

3. Gloves



Sweater gloves are OK but they easily get worn off. I then call for leather gloves that have cotton lining. They are very warm and not easily dirtied.

4. Boots



Boots will save you the trouble of having to wet your feet and they can handle muddy terrain. P.S guys, its either you go for uncle boots or medium boots; color? Black or brown. I don’t expect knee high boots unless you live in a flooded area.

5. Scarves


Debate opens when narrow minded people claim that guys who wear scarves are gay. Research shows that scarves are accessories that attract ladies more. So now it’s up to you to choose, freeze to avoiding being called gay or stun in that scarf, feel warm and maybe even get a number or two by the end of the day.


BY: Louisa Nungari