Meru High School is the pride of Meru County for many reasons. For one, the school produces stellar results and consequently, stellar students. It sits on a huge stretch of land and its structures are just magnificent from the classes to the Dining Hall where the Cultural Day was going down.



The search for Mr. and Mrs. Meru was a hype session like no other. St Theresa Gee and Gikumene were reppin, the Meru School dudes on point and the Insyder was in the hizzy– the perfect ingredients to make a funkie explode and explode it did, in a big way!


The entertainment was just crazy with DJ Karen on the decks, letting the tunes flow and scratching like she got five hands. The flow was jam packed by studes from all camps and the dance moves were just outta this world. Who thinks up these dances for real? High school dances change faster than Nairobi weather and they all cooler than before, dang! The girl schools on site- Gikumene and St Theresa- were all about shaking what their mamas gave them and they had all the boys( #TeamMafisi) drooling.


The modeling was something else- beauty redefined. The ladies did not hold out on the designs, they were strutting around in newspaper and sheet outfits looking like the budding super models they are, their pretty selves shouting at Naomi Campbell to watch that space. Competition was tough and everyone wanted to outdo the other but ultimately Meru’s fairest had to be crowned.


Afterward, it was the dudes who came to do their thing and they did not disappoint either. Their showcase was a night event graced by alumni from around the area who came out in droves to support their own. It was a in house thing but given the competitiveness, you would have sworn there were many schools involved.


Meru Cultural day was one of those funkies where FUN was KEY