If there is something that most if not all students would want to be part and parcel of then it is the student council. It is a mighty citadel like sanctuary where the mighty Moi Forces Academy draws its valor from. The elections clearly give heed to Abraham Lincoln’s version of democracy. We are an epitome of future leaders; being modeled to the best of our knowledge so as not only to dispense quality but also a well thought of and researched ideas towards the development of the school.

The school’s student council is guided by a school chairman who receives his mandate from the people by a democratical process of elections after a thorough scrutiny and interrogation. He is closely assisted by the deputy and secretary general of the council. Under him are embedded bodies of devoted service men from departmental heads of Christian Union, Health, Peer Education, Environment, Club to class secretaries and more.

These leaders must have a good grasp of team leading skills and most of all management skills to ensure the smooth and coordinated running of activities within the school. Its what makes us a top of the list institution in this country.

Being firmly guided by the school motto, the council is comprised of scholars who have made themselves the institutions cognitive force in ruling over matters that require intellectual judgement and reasoning. They are also a role model to the fraternity in our quest for academic excellence. It is unlike our national political institutions which are full of intellectually short and corrupt individuals. Such a coined toothless bulldog!

The fact that we are also a military institution gives the council the privilege of Supra and paramilitary skills for both personal edification and efficient leading of the school. This has led to a very good rapport between the students and council which has been the arbitrary ‘talk of town’. Along the corridors of power, you also find the teachers who are willing to aid in building a harmonious atmosphere between the groups.


I would conclude by firmly stating that we would work to uphold this culture and pass it down to upcoming generations whatever the cost. It would rather be better if monkeys wore skirts than the MFA student council to perish. Heavens, I would even prefer the world to be a pyramid! Bringing my brief but concrete overview of the council, I wish to reiterate that servant hood in leadership has, is and will forever be the mantle of out council.

By Trevor Michael

Political Analyst, 2 North, MFA